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In the meantime, would you like a cup of tea, or maybe a coffee!?

And a biscuit, perhaps?

Or maybe some kittens?

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[ Changing Rooms: Changing_Rooms.mpg (1,473,775,620 bytes) - 19 Jun 2006 ]
SHA256: a82ab1b53f91705a19c01a3ad5c517c7f58445c6d599adcb45ad75bfab2fc4b3
MD5: 1dadd66d99275a37ee4d0f8d2f4409fe
SHA1: 157d99db57de614d80ff1f6929cfa8ddd83a05cc

Purely by coincidence?

BrExit - "Vote Leave" Fake news campaign
BrExit - "Leave.EU" Fake news campaign

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